THRONES OF DECAY: Build Bugs & Caveats

 Frost Wyrm does not perform well in battle
 Trait „Headsman” unlocks regardless of executing captives
 Gotrek & Felix mission will fire without owning either DLC
 Black ark sits by starting settlement
 Land Ships do not always turn fully to attack their target with the cannon
 Boyar on horse is missing
 Malus Darkblade missing Audio from WH2 for his possession with Tz’arkan
 Several lords/heroes are missing spellcasting animations causing them to not be able to fire
spells from items
 Static or Idle factions, with nobody to wage war against leaving them static for many turns
 Loyalty at 0 for Lords confederated while wounded
 When a player is dropped during an End Turn cycle battle their player slot is removed in all
following saves
 Khalida’s Lord Effects says „Phase name” for Poison attacks tooltip
 Elspeth called son of sigmar
 The camera clips through the model of The Spirit of Grungni unit while the proximity fading
option is turned on
 On High difficulty – The Maggoth Kin faction favour recruiting an extra lord instead of more
units for their army at the beginning of a campaign
 Tactician affect self as well as allies while the text indicates it only affects allies
 Units that can be mounts don’t play reaction to hits when unmounted
 The UI is not consistent in showing that the changeling is hidden or visible
 Bat & Spider units are not affected by any rank 7 red line skills
 Multiple units in WH3 do not use WH1 textures and therefore lack detail
 Thunderbarge captain Dwarf at the front disappears when viewed from being
 Halls of Great Guilds description is missing text statement on both bonuses „(minimum 1)”
 When enabling the DLSS options, the user should be given a warning that the Anti-Aliasing
options are being locked.
 AI can end up recruiting excessive multiple armies when the player is on higher difficulties
 Empire help pages don’t state local effects
 Flickering icebergs near Pack Ice Bay
 Elector Counts info panel has several issues
 Guildmaster Professors description is missing text statement on the second provided bonus
„(minimum 1)”

 Payloads text for granting heroes from missions is inconsistent
 The player is reinforced by nearby settlements when the Nemesis Crown army spawns in
Northen Sylvania
 How They Play – Missing icon for „Campaign Victory!” in How They Play Messages
 You can unlock plague panel by cancelling a buildings construction
 Not all beastmen units are affected by Taurox’ faction colour as only Ungors have red skin
 Pre_battle_fight_battle trigger does not behave correctly when pressed
 Dreadquake Destruction – Supply Train death model displays dreadquake models for the
 Triggering the Nemesis Crown encounter at any active digsite in a multiplayer campaign
without wiping out the entire army of Da Mad Howlers causes the digsite to not despawn for
other players
 Blizzardpeak settlement close to Grimgor displays salt on the ui but has no available building
chain to provide salt
 In battle selecting a different battle speed gives no UI indication of the opponent and vice
 Music Blurts Out Prior To Archaon Reveal Cinematic Cutscene (Altar Of Battle)
 Faction colours are not displaying correctly on mounts and riders legs when mounted
 Chaos Lord of Tzeentch and Exalted hero of Tzeentch do not have collision_attack set up in
Melee_weapons when mounted on Chariots.
 Long Victory conditions for Volkmar have not been updated to reflect his new startpos
 The capstone techs for each of the Chaos Gods buffs inconsistent units
 Master Engineer still has access to Extra Powder in Custom Battle this was removed from his
campaign skill tree in WH2 by design
 Consider adding plagues to Clan Pestilens


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